Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your Permanent Makeup Sessions take?

I like to give each service a 4 hour window to ensure we have time to go over all information, choose your color, get you comfortable and numb, properly map, and still have time for the procedure itself. If retention is very strong, touch-up appointments can be as quick as 2 hours.

Is PMU Painful? How much does it hurt?

While PMU is not completely pain-free, we do everything possible to keep you comfortable during your service. A primary numbing cream is applied before starting to take the edge off. Then a secondary numbing gel is applied as necessary throughout the procedure. Some say machine technique is similar to a tattoo but lighter and less pressure, and that microblading is similar to a paper cut.

Is Permanent Makeup (PMU) really permanent?

Technically PMU is Semi-Permanent and can require color and shape renewal every 1-3 years based on lifestyle and skin type

If I hate my PMU, can it be removed?

If the PMU is undesirable, some can be removed through saline removal or laser removal sessions. Other PMU services such as lip blushing cannot be forcefully removed but must fade naturally over time.

How much does PMU Cost?

The Price of PMU ranges between $400 – $800, with top experts charging upwards of $1000.


Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are not candidates for PMU. This is why I always ask for a pre-screening form to be filled out prior to booking. Some reasons why someone would be unable to have PMU are as follows: 

  • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Has cancer as is undergoing chemotherapy treatment or radiation
  • Has a bacterial or viral infection
  • Has extremely aged skin that is very thing or severely wrinkled
  • Has an open wound and is currently taking antibiotics (must be off for at least 2 months)
  • Taking Steroid medication and/or Prednisone (must be off for at least 2 months)
  • Taking Accutane medication (Must be off for 1 year)